Criminal Injuries or Damage

Criminal injury claims by the experts in Portadown

Have you suffered an accident due to criminal activity and are seeking compensation for the damages that occurred? Then Michelle Crilly & Co Solicitors is here to help you. Our highly trained solicitors will ensure that you get adequate compensation for all your losses from the Compensation Agency. If you need our help anywhere in Portadown, Craigavon, Armagh, Dungannon or Lurgan, contact a member of our team now.
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Criminal injuries and damage

We can assist you in making a claim for compensation to the Compensation Agency if you have suffered injury as a result of criminal activity or indeed if you have suffered criminal damage.
It is extremely important that you obtain Legal Advice as soon as possible to enable us to advise you of the procedure involved in criminal injuries and damage to enable us to advise you of the procedure in obtaining compensation.
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For criminal injury claims in in Portadown and beyond? Get in touch with Michelle Crilly & Co Solicitors. Call our law firm on 

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