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Are you looking for a qualified and experienced divorce solicitor? Michelle Crilly & Co Solicitors provides qualified divorce solicitors for your legal requirements. Our team can also help you with matrimonial settlements, collaborative law and criminal law advice and assistance.
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In Northern Ireland, in order to apply for a divorce, you must satisfy one of the following five grounds:

  1. If you have been living separately for at least two years and your spouse consents to the Divorce
  2. If you have been living apart for a period of five years – the consent of your spouse is not required
  3. Unreasonable behaviour
  4. Adultery
  5. Desertion

In Northern Ireland divorces are normally dealt with by the County Court or the High Court. We will take your instructions and draft the required documents on your behalf if you are the Petitioner and wish to apply for a divorce. You can authorise us to accept service of divorce proceedings on your behalf if you are the Respondent.

Most divorce cases in Northern Ireland are dealt with by way of an uncontested hearing and as a Petitioner you must attend Court. All contested divorces are prepared carefully and are heard by the Judge. 

After hearing a divorce petition, the Judge normally grants a Decree Nisi of divorce and in many cases we will apply for your Decree Absolute after six weeks and one day. This has the effect of dissolving the marriage and bringing it to an end. 

The Court also has the power to make further orders in respect of your financial position, maintenance entitlement and property adjustments/transfer.

Each case is different, we will advise you in relation to any of these matters which may pertain to your case.

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