Matrimonial Settlements & Separation Agreements

Matrimonial settlements and separation agreements solicitors in Portadown

If you are looking for matrimonial settlements and separation agreements solicitors, look no further than Michelle Crilly & Co Solicitors. Our lawyers have years of experience handling matrimonial settlements and can help you with everything you need. In addition to separation agreements our solicitors can also help with collaborative law, Children's Order and domestic violence cases. Contact us today for more information.
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Matrimonial settlements and separation agreements

When a marriage or civil partnership breaks down there are a number of practical issues which require resolution, 
  • As the children’s welfare is paramount we concentrate on establishing the residence and contact arrangements in respect of the children;
  • The division of the matrimonial assets/civil partnership assets and the future financial provision for each spouse and the children.
In relation to the financial issues, we can assist you in negotiating a financial settlement which is reached when both parties exchange their financial positions with a view to reaching a matrimonial settlement which can be done outside of Court.

We aim to explain fully the extent of your financial claim against your spouse in any negotiations in respect of a matrimonial settlement.
When we assist you in negotiating a matrimonial settlement we ensure that your decision is fully informed and we do our best to reduce your anxiety and stress by achieving a speedy resolution of your financial issues.

Matrimonial Settlements normally deal with the following issues: 
  • The division of assets
  • Pension rights
  • Maintenance
  • Future Divorce Proceedings
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