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Michelle Crilly & Co Solicitors provides legal advice and legal representation for divorce, separation agreements, adoption, domestic violence, road traffic accidents and personal and criminal injury cases. 
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Michelle Crilly & Co. Solicitors opened her own practice as a sole practitioner in Portadown in March 2011. 

We provide legal advice and assistance in all areas of general law but in particular we specialise in Family Law and provide a high level of professional expertise in this area of law. We realise that the break-up of a relationship or a marriage is an extremely difficult process for anyone to go through which is often an emotional time for anyone but more particularly when children are involved. 

At Michelle Crilly & Co. Solicitors we provide expertise in Family Law and we aim to reduce the stress experienced in the breakdown of the relationship. We aim to support you and guide you through this process from beginning to end.
Michelle has extensive experience in all family matters including private law and public law cases. Private law cases concern such matters as divorce, financial settlement, separation, child custody (residence) and contact together with specific issues orders, prohibited steps orders, relocation cases and abduction cases. In respect of public law cases, Michelle has been involved in numerous public law cases when Social Services has become involved with a family and also in respect of private law cases where Social Services become involved with a family. Michelle has an excellent track record of reuniting children successfully with their parents.

Over the past 20 years Michelle has represented a huge number of clients in all aspects of Family Law - Residence, Custody and contact cases – Divorces and Matrimonial settlements/separation orders, in the field of domestic violence and successfully securing Non Molestation Orders and Occupation Orders, ensuring the protection of victims of domestic violence and securing the criminal prosecution of perpetrators of violence.

Divorce advice and assistance

Ending a relationship can be emotionally straining and devastating. If you are currently going through a marriage breakup and are seeking advice and assistance regarding your legal rights and child custody, we are here to help. We provide compassionate legal help to clients seeking divorce and legal advice. 
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Family law experts

At Michelle Crilly & Co Solicitors, we have a high level of professional expertise in family law and can assist you with domestic violence cases, adoption, children's welfare, spousal maintenance and dispute resolution. 

We create a supportive environment for our clients, thus minimising their stress and anxieties. 

To hire reliable solicitors, call Michelle Crilly & Co Solicitors in Portadown on 

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